Falmouth Road Race

August 18, 2024

Every year our team gets together to support the registration process and handing out race numbers/bibs for the Falmouth Road Race. We have the opportunity to do this again. This not only supports a great cause for our town but when we help, we receive funds from the road race that help support our efforts as well.

To register to help please go to:


When you sign up it will ask you what dates/times/duties you would prefer. It will also ask what group you are representing. Please make sure you click on “Belonging to Each Other”. That is the only way we will receive any funding. Belonging to Each Other is the first group listed on the drop-down menu of organizations they will support.

Thank you for your support. This is a great way to help BTEO, our town and also meet some pretty incredible neighbors and runners.

Falmouth Road Race-Start
by Clara S. licensed under CC BY 2.0