BTEO provides transitional housing for adults experiencing homelessness in Falmouth during the cold weather months.

People can survive living rough in the summer but it's another thing entirely in the winter. Freezing temperatures, wet weather, snow, mud, no place to get warm. Or cook a meal. Or take a bath or shave or do laundry. Or plug in anything. Or have any privacy.

By providing temporary housing, BTEO gives our neighbors experiencing homelessness access to basic amenities. And helps them access vital services.

Put yourselves in the place of our less fortunate neighbors and think how you can help.

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Meet the Team

You know and we know, everything depends on people. People helping people, people trusting people, people with big hearts and strong hands.  BTEO has been very lucky in finding leaders who realize our desire to make a difference for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Troy Clarkson, CFO, City of Brockton | Edward A. Dunne, Falmouth Police Chief | Rev. Nell Fields, Minister, Waquoit Congregational Church | Beth Folcarelli, CEO, Martha's Vineyard Community Services | Michael Kasparian, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO | Matt Rocheleau, Owner, The Clam Man Inc. | Christian Valle, President Valle Group | David Vieira, Massachusetts State Representative and Falmouth Town Meeting Moderator I Allan Wilson, President and CEO, Wilson Consulting